• TCBD memberships give their members the opportunities:
    • To network with technical experts in related fields
    • To contribute to the activities in TCBD
    • To post messages to the TCBD mailing list
  • Anyone, who is not necessarily an IEEE Member, can become an official Member of IEEE Technical Committee on Big Data (TCBD). The membership fee is free for an official TCBD membership. To obain the TCBD membership, you may send an email about your membership application to TCBD Membership Board with email address . In your email about your membership application, the membership applicant should show his or her relevant interests or backgrounds on the relevant areas.
  • To maintain your TCBD membership, the TCBD member must subscribe to and maintain in the official TCBD mailing list.

Mailing List

  • You must be an official member of TCBD (instead of just a subscriber of TCBD mailing list) in order to be able to send or post messages to the official TCBD mailing list:
  • To add yourself to or remove yourself from the TCBD mailing list, please go to