Aim, Scope and Activities

The goal of the Technical Subcommittee on Big Data (TSCBD), IEEE Communications Society, is to provide a premier platform for its members, and the research,development,services, applications, and standardization communities of big data processing, analysis, analytics, integration, retrieval, and networking, to interact and exchange technical ideas, to identify relevant challenges, and to collaborate and investigate solutions in the development of methodology and solution for the sciences and technologies of big data processing, analysis, analytics, integration, retrieval, and networking. The technical issues addressed by the sub-committee include all aspects of big data processing, analysis, analytics, integration, retrieval, related research issues, such as theories, alogorithms, solutions, practices, applications, and challenges for big data big data processing, analysis, analytics, integration, retrieval on information and communications technologies; machine learning, data mining, web mining, graph mining, and processing; computational intelligence for big data; knowledge discovery for big data; big data for cloud computing and networking; big data for network design and architectures; big data for network protocols; big data for green information and communication technologies; big data for security, privacy, and trust; crowdsourcing and crowd intelligence using big data; big data maintenance; data science; big data platform design; data-intensive workflows; big data benchmarks; reliability for systems with big data; big data for wireless access and mobility; big data for Internet of Things, big data for software-defined networking; big data for cognitive communications and computing; big data for smart homes; big data for smart sensing; big data for smart grids; big data for relevant signal processing techniques; big data for biomedical and health technologies; big data for social networks; and so on. The sub-committee will also carry out assessment of the measurements, monitoring, trials, prototype, and test-beds implementations, standardization activities related to big data processing, analytics, and networking.

The sub-committee will endorse events in the big data processing, analysis, and networking area, e.g., ensuring ComSoc’s involvement in the related conferences, coordinating with other IEEE Societies, other IEEE ComSoc TCs (Technical Comittees) and the IEEE FDC (Future Direction Committee) in the related area, as well as organizing or contributing to the organization of technical events along the ComSoc flagship conferences. The officers of the sub-committee will also appoint or invite Guest Editors for relevant special issues in the leading ComSoc journals and magazines.

The proposed sub-committee will monitor the relevant standardization activities, and will promote ComSoc’s involvement in the development of international standards around the world.